Peru Swept to the Top: Fourth Surf Pan American Title


Peru: Four Times Champion by Teams in the Surf Pan Americans 2018!

During the afternoon of the last Saturday in Punta Rocas (Punta Hermosa district), the participation of 270 athletes  from 20 countries concluded. Peru received two golden, one silver and three bronze medals. With these scores, Peru claimed victory for the fourth time in the Pan American Surf competition; followed by Brazil and Argentina.

Piccolo Clemente, ambassador of Lima 2019,  and Itzel Delgado, won golden medals in the Longboard and Surf Race category. Likewise, Vania Torres achieved silver medal in the Stand Up Paddle Race, and Daniella Rosas obtained the bronze medal in Open Women. 

On the other hand, Lucas Garrido - Lecca (Longboard) and Alonso Correa (Open Male) also accomplished bronze medals, both categories required effort and commitment from the start to the end.

In the Open Male category, the peruvian competitors which ensured the title were: Alonso Correa, who made it to semi finals, and Lucca Mesinas, who had already obtained the place for host and bronze medal in the ISA World Title.

Looking Forward to Pan - Americans 2019

Surf Pan - Americans 2018 definitely close with a historical record, which gathered a great amount of athletes in Punta Rocas, differently to other previous editions; shortly reflecting the advanced level Peru shows on the Biggest Sports Competition next year.

It has been a great Pan - American Surf tournament. The whole Team has shown commitment and unification to achieve our objective of leaving Peru’s name at the top of the rank”, said Piccolo Clemente after being nominated First Place for his category.

The Final Podium:

Gold: Perú
Silver: Brasil
Bronze: Argentina

Open Male:
Gold: Francisco Bellorin (VEN)
Silver: Anthony Fillingim (CRI)
Bronze: Alonso Correa (PER)

Open Women:
Gold: Brisa Hennessy (CRI)
Silver: Dominic Barona (ECU)
Bronze: Daniella Rosas (PER)

Male Stand Up Paddle Surf:
Gold: Giorgio Gómez (COL)
Silver: Luis Diniz (BRA)
Bronze: Caio Vaz (BRA) 

Women Stand Up Paddle Surf:
Gold: Isabella Gómez (COL)
Silver: Vania Torres (PER)
Bronze: Nicole Pacelli (BRA)

Male Stand Up Paddle Race:
Gold: Itzel Delgado (PER)
Silver: Vinnicius Martins (BRA)
Bronze: Giorgio Gómez (COL)

Final Scores by teams:

With the Panamericans concluded, once again, Peru places itself at the top with new achievements. Furthermore, Punta Rocas was one of the first 100% protected waves of our campaign. Be one of those who help us protect our waves, unique and with optimum conditions to develop skills, such as those who takes us to the top at international rankings. 

Join the protection of our waves!

For each wave to be protected, they need to be enrolled in the National (surf) Break Register (also known as Renaro). For this to happen, a technical record must be presented, which has a cost of around 5,000 dollars (for each wave).  The document is subsequently presented to the Dicapi (Capitancy of the Navy), who emits the resolution which approves the enrollment of the break.

Through “HAZla por tu Ola”, funds are raised in order to attain the technical record. The campaign counts with the support of the Fenta (national surf federation), athletes, and companies which ain the protection of more waves along the coast of Peru, which is evolving to convert in one of the spots of sports tourism.

Information and images: Olas Perú

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